We would like to inform you that last December 15th a new agreement between Spain and Qatar was signed for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion.

This agreement will enter into force in Spain on February 3rd 2018 and will be applicable for the income Tax on individuals, Corporate tax, income tax on non residents and local taxes on income.

Considering this agreement, Qatar will definitely not be consider as a tax haven, and therefore the taxation on transactions between both countries will have a more favorable tax treatment.

The agreement establishes the possibility to avoid double taxation. This will mean that if the taxpayer has his habitual residence in Spain, he will be able to reduce his tax liabilities by the total amount paid in Qatar or the amount paid for the same concept in Spain.

This agreement is also advantageous for Companies, since corporate profits will only be taxed in the state where the company is located, unless the company has a permanent establishment in the other country.

We remain at your entire disposal in case you require any further information.

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