If you have in mind purchasing a house or a flat, it is important to know the documents to be requested to the seller and which he must provide.

The seller must provide the following documents:

Blueprints of the building and the blueprint of the house specifying the useful and constructed surface with measurements accredited by relevant experts.

Building Specifications. This is a document produced by the developer describing the nature, quality and type of materials that have been used for the work finishing.

Deed of new work declaration and horizontal division showing the statutes of the homeowners’ association.

End-of-work record or deed, that is the deed declaring that the work has been finished and it is built.

Ten-year insurance, it is a ten-year compulsory insurance that ensures possible flaws and structural damage to the building.

First occupation license: Document issued by the City Council which establishes that the property where the housing is located has been built in accordance with planning regulations and that it can be occupied.

Occupancy certificate, document recognising the suitability of a building to be used for housing.

Energy efficiency certificate, certificate issued by a relevant expert stating the energy rating of the housing. Submitting this certificate is compulsory as of the entry into force of the Spanish 253/2013 Royal Decree of April 5 for any property sale.

Non-certified extract from the Land Registry, it is very important to verify the liens on the property as there could be a mortgage, seizure, urban charges or other limitations.

Real estate taxation, seller must prove that he/she is up to date with tax on real estate (IBI) payments.

Clearance certificate of homeowners association payments, in the event that the homeowners’ association is set up, the seller must provide the clearance document stating that he/she is up to date with payments.

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