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Trademark registration

At Carbray we know that the registration of a trademark or business name, whether in the national or international market, is essential to the success of your company. Otherwise, any third party may use your brand name, which could cause serious damage to the corporate image of your company or business activity.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a title that grants you the right to use a distinctive sign exclusively for the identification of your product or service on the market.

Trademarks can be words or combinations of words, images, figures, symbols, graphics, letters, numerals, three-dimensional shapes (wrapping, packaging, different forms of the product or what it represents).

What is a trade name and how is it registered?

A trade name is a word or phrase that identifies a business in the market and serves to distinguish a company from other companies that are doing the same or similar activities. Trade names may or may not coincide with the name of a company. A company may choose a completely different expression than that of the company name.

The duration of the protection conferred by Distinctive Signs is 10 years from the date the application or registration is filed and it can be indefinitely renewed. For the continued existence of distinctive signs it is necessary to pay the relevant fee.


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