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There are many reasons why you may be scratching your head when it comes to managing your tax in Spain. However, handling these taxes doesn´t have to be as difficult as you think. When you have the correct assistance this process is fast, trouble-free, and effortless. Our lawyers here at Carbray are here to give you a helping hand with:

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Corporate Tax Planning

For all companies big or small, when planning your tax in Spain it is necessary to meticulously check all aspects such as VAT, corporate accounts and books. This can often lead to reductions in tax, as well as taking advantage of your current tax agreements. We aim to bring all the benefits to you and give you the best result possible.

Being a non-resident in Spain means you will be subject to personal income tax, property tax and an additional non-resident property tax. This can often seem daunting, but it doesn´t need to be. With the right help, your experience with tax in Spain can be quick and easy. We provide complete assistance, and will organize, prepare and submit all the necessary forms on your behalf.

Income and Personal Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax, Hidden Taxes and other Indirect Taxes

There are many different taxes to be aware of when living or working in Spain. Tax in Spain can be inheritance tax on your inherited property, VAT or other indirect taxes. Sometimes these taxes can be hidden, and are not explained properly meaning you are paying more when you shouldn´t be. Carbray will provide clear and coherent advice, whilst giving an accurate calculation of your taxes.

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Why choose Carbray?

Carbray offers many benefits to all customers who are looking for help with tax in Spain. Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience, with thousands of successful cases, proving our capability in this competitive market. We are proud to have a highly skilled, dedicated English speaking team with a vast knowledge of tax in Spain, competitive prices to cut costs and a hands on approach making sure we deliver quick and efficient results.

Carbray lawyers are also aware the language barrier may be a problem, and can often lead to misunderstandings. Our English speaking team will do our best to make sure everything is straightforward and comprehensible.

Spending years and solving numerous cases, we have gained the respect, trust and confidence of our clients. Whether you have a property, are starting a business or just need help with tax in Spain, your security is safe with us.

Fast Results in Tax in Spain

Fast Results

We know that managing your tax in Spain can often lead to unforeseen obstacles and unplanned complications, but Carbray will make sure to provide complete assistance throughout. We will always complete your request quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Prices in Tax in Spain

Flexible Prices

When managing your taxes, it´s important to know what to pay, when and why. Here at Carbray, we can offer flexible prices to suit you, because we believe clarity is key to building strong relationships.

Equal Opportunities in Tax in Spain

Equal Opportunities

We treat all customers’ needs equally, and with the utmost respect no matter what the query may be. Carbray is proud to serve all types of businesses, however big or small, as well as individuals from around the world.

Carbray´s Testimonials

A few words of appreciation from a few happy clients

Oscar Harris


I was left a property in Madrid, as a result of a will but had absolutely no idea about tax in Spain. I wasn´t aware of inheritance tax and had no idea how to manage it. However, Carbray were on hand to talk me through everything. Thanks again!”

Jason Davis


My brother and I were looking to start a new business and knew a little bit about tax in Spain but needed an estimation of how much we would be paying before committing completely. Carbray put everything in the simplest terms, and advised us on the whole process.”

Jane Craft


I have been living and working in Andalucía for a year or two now, and I was looking for help with some discrepancies with my tax in Spain. I thought I was paying more than I should have been so I got into contact with Carbray. It turns out I was, and managed to reclaim lots of money back! Thank you Carbray!”


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