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Spanish Residence Permit

Are you planning to live, work or study in Spain? The chances are that you will need a Spanish residence permit in order to do so, so it is best to be aware of the variety of permits and visas and why you may need one to avoid any difficulties whilst carrying out your errands in Spain.

Working in Spain

In most cases, you will have to have a job lined up before you can apply for a Spanish residence permit. Typically if you live within the EU/EEA or Switzerland you will not need a visa in order to work in Spain. However, non-EU citizens generally will need to obtain a work permit to live and work in Spain, unless they are academics or scientists carrying out projects, or they have close family or relatives who have been living in Spain for more than a year.

Self-employed and freelance workers in Spain

Some people look to come and work in Spain independently or as an ‘autonomo’. In this case the person in question will have to apply for a work permit from the Spanish embassy in their home country.

The documents that will have to be provided include:

  • All licenses necessary to carry out the work in Spain
  • Documentation and proof showing you have the necessary skills and experience to carry out the work.
  • All contracts and commissions acquired from the relevant companies
  • A business plan (if necessary)
  • Evidence that you are able to support yourself, or have the finances necessary to invest.
  • All relevant information regarding the potential of creating employment in Spain.
Work permit
Student Spanish residence permit

Studying in Spain and Student Visas

Generally if you are from the EU/EEA you will not need a Spanish residence permit to come and study in Spain, however if you are not from these member states you will have to apply for a student visa. Before you are able to apply for this particular residence permit, you will need to be accepted on the course of your choice in order for your application to be accepted.

Once you have been accepted on your course, you will need to go to the Spanish embassy in your home country and apply for the visa. Carbray recommends that you apply for your visa 2-3 months before you plan to leave in order to give time to process your application in case there are any problems.

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Some things you will need to show to the embassy to have your application approved generally include:

  • Your passport
  • Full details of the course you intend to study, the training you will undertake or the research you will be doing in Spain and your timetable showing how many hours you will be studying a week (minimum 20 hours).
  • Proof that you have purchased medical insurance.
  • A medical certificate proving that you are clear of all diseases that would require you to be quarantined.
  • Documentation proving that you have the funds to support you for the duration of your stay in Spain (details of your scholarship, a Spanish bank account showing you have the sufficient funds or a letter from parents or legal guardians assuming full financial responsibility).
  • Full details about your residency during your stay in Spain.
  • A criminal record certificate that has been issued in the last five years by the appropriate authorities.

NIE Spain

Your NIE or Número de Identidad de Extranjero, which translates as Identification Number for Foreigners is your unique identification number which you will need if you are living as a resident in Spain. If you are working, living or planning to buy property in Spain it is vital that you have this number in your possession. Click here to find out more information about the NIE number and how to obtain one.

Golden Visa in Spain

If you are looking at investing more than €500,000 in real estate in Spain you will be entitled to a special Spanish residence permit called a Golden Visa. Click here to find out more.

Nie number

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