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Sale of Company / Search for Investors

The sale of a business is an extremely important event in the life of an entrepreneur, representing one of the 10 most important decisions you will make in your life.

The sale of a business is a process so complex as to require the need to engage experts in Corporate Finance who have solid experience in corporate transactions and extensive knowledge of financial, tax, commercial, legal, and strategic aspects, negotiation, process management and schedules of such operations.

Through the application of our professional methodology, Carbray can guarantee the efficiency and quality of the process in terms of reporting, valuation, and location of investors who can bring more value, negotiating and successfully closing the transaction.

Every company has an optimal time to sell in terms of optimizing the value for current owners and potential for success in the transaction.

The more compelling the company to the buyer, the more value you can get.

There are many issues to be solved or optimized before and during the process of selling a business – issues which, unless addressed, will lead to a lower perceived value to potential buyers, a lower number of bids received, and a lower price offered.

When an entrepreneur first develops the idea of selling a company, the first step is to place him- or herself in the hands of a professional advisor. Using our experience, we offer advice in order to mitigate any possible adverse effects on a sale.


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