Need Assistance With Your Litigation Query in Spain?

Every year, Carbray is proud to assist many clients seeking justice for being treated unfairly in the workplace, for encountering difficulties due to negligence or even contractual disputes. We provide clear and coherent information, while giving an efficient and cost effective service to all our clients who are looking for help with litigation in Spain.

Carbray represents the interests of our clients throughout Spain, with extensive experience in litigation of various kinds:

  • Contractual liability and tort.
  • Liability for professional negligence.
  • Corporate conflicts: contesting corporate resolutions, actions for damages against the directors or actions of unfair competition.
  • Disputes over civil and commercial contracts, agency agreements, distribution, concession and franchising, urban and rural leases, condominiums, claims for payment, execution and interpretation of contracts, procedures for resolution and termination of contracts.
  • Process on probate law, probate, family issues, separation, divorce and disability.

We pride ourselves on serving our clients’ interests through creative analysis paired with a well-marked strategy. Sometimes this can mean competing in a trial in which we always aim to be victorious. Other times it can mean carrying out negotiations in order for our client to obtain a favourable settlement and avoid a risky lawsuit.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to utilize the expertise of our lawyers as well as giving us the ability to always find the most effective way to solve our clients’ problem.

If you are looking for professional advice with your litigation query in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our team of dedicated, multinational lawyers today.


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