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Liquidation and Insolvency

Liquidating or closing down a a company is not always an easy process to execute.

Various situations present themselves during these processes, and one must take into account the potential legal risks when dealing with all interested parties. From letting go of employees to paying creditors, or simply what to do with clients, these are situations which require responses from the spheres of economy and finance, commerce, tax, labour and sometimes even responses of a criminal or procedural type.

Carbray counts on professionals who specialise in the management of companies during these processes, integrating all the elements that are essential for a thorough assessment, and resolving the problems of these types of situations.

Our advice is structured into the following services:

• Analysis and restructuring of labour relations in the situation of a business crisis: Means of making labour relations more flexible, trying to adapt the productive and organisational structure of the company to new circumstances, on a temporary or permanent basis. Feasibility plans. Collective bargaining in crisis situations. Job layoffs, termination and suspension of contracts. Alternatives to contract terminations.
• Financial restructuring: From prevention of the crisis situation, analysis and preparation of feasibility proposals with banks and suppliers, in order to accommodate the economic, financing and equity structure of the company.
• Deferring tax liability and social security: In the preventive phase of the business crisis, processing and obtaining debt deferral, and negotiating payment plans.
• Quick recovery of outstanding balances: by filing the appropriate judicial proceedings to obtain payment of outstanding amounts.

At Carbray we also offer legal guidance and advice on domestic and international bankruptcy proceedings: Assesment, management of and assistance in insolvency proceedings, when the crisis should be resolved by judicial means.


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