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Expert Assistance with your inheritance in Spain

Assisting you with the best way to manage your inheritance


Talking about your inheritance in Spain can be a sensitive topic, but it is necessary to make sure everything is taken care of so there are no surprises down the line. It is recommended that you get the help of a dependable, compassionate and capable lawyer to manage everything for you. Whether you are planning your inheritance in Spain, are an heir and are inheriting property or items or for any other query, here at Carbray our experienced and trustworthy lawyers will help you.

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Managing your inheritance

There are a couple of things that you may be unaware of when managing your inheritance in Spain. In order that everything runs smoothly, you will need an NIE number (identification number for foreigners), which will allow you to successfully manage your inheritance. You will also need to obtain specific documentation to speed everything up, such as the certification relevant to your case. Our English speaking lawyers will advise you on how to obtain and organise everything, making the succession run as smoothly as possible.

When managing your inheritance in Spain for property or assets, you need to be aware of inheritance tax. Once you have accepted your inheritance in front of a Spanish notary, this will be the next step. Calculating these taxes can be one of the most labourious and time consuming parts of managing your inheritance in Spain. It is best to have a clear idea of how much you need to pay, without having any surprises down the line. Our team will always give you an accurate calculation of your inheritance in Spain, whilst offering you complete assistance with the next steps to take.

Calculating your tax


Estate Planning and Drafting of Wills

Planning how best to manage your inheritance in Spain can be a long and arduous process. These processes can vary from drafting your will or estate planning. It is best to be prepared and to have everything clear, so your successors will be able to deal with the process without any complications. We will advise you on the correct will to choose, the best way to plan your estate and will give you security and peace of mind with the drafting of your will, putting the interests of your loved ones first.

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Why choose Carbray?

Carbray offers many benefits to all clients who are looking to manage their inheritance in Spain. Our lawyers have unprecedented experience, with hundreds of successful cases, proving our capability in these difficult situations. We are proud to have a highly skilled, dedicated English speaking team with a vast knowledge of the easiest way handle your inheritance in Spain, whilst offering competitive prices and a hands on approach making sure we always deliver results.

Carbray lawyers are also aware the language barrier may be a problem, which can often lead to misunderstandings. Our English speaking team will always make sure everything is straightforward and comprehensible.

Spending years and solving numerous cases, we have gained the respect, trust and confidence of our clients. Whatever the query regarding your inheritance in Spain, be sure we will always get the result you want.

Fast Results in your Inheritance in Spain

Fast Results

We know it can be frustrating waiting for answers regarding your inheritance in Spain, and can mean a lot of time waiting around for the phone to ring. Carbray is dedicated to getting fast and efficient results, completing your request meticulously and with the utmost care, whilst providing you updates throughout all processes.

Flexible Prices in you Inheritance in Spain

Flexible Prices

When managing your documentation, it´s important have a clear idea of the fees, what to pay and why. Our English speaking lawyers can offer the best prices to suit you, because we believe clarity is key to building strong relationships.

Equal Opportunities in your Inheritance in Spain

Equal Opportunities

We treat all clients’ needs equally, and with the utmost respect no matter what the query may be. Carbray is proud to assist with all cases, however big or small, to get you the answers you want.

Carbray´s Testimonials

A few words of appreciation from a few happy clients

Dean Morris


I had been thinking about writing my will for a while now, as I wanted to have guaranteed security of my assets and property to make sure if something happened to me, my children and grandchildren were safe. Carbray helped me manage my inheritance in Spain, assisting me with planning my will and all documentation. A trustworthy and caring law firm I would highly recommend.”

Becky Lapsham


My grandfather unfortunately passed away last year, but being the warm and kind hearted man he was, he left me and my brother his house in Spain which we spent so much time in when we were younger. We just had no idea what steps were involved in dealings with our Inheritance in Spain and decided to hire a lawyer to help us. Carbray knew all the answers to all our questions about inheritance in Spain and assisted us throughout. ”

Joseph Deeney


I was lucky that I had the excellent services of Carbray to help with my inheritance in Spain. My uncle entrusted me with a couple of his prized possessions including his house and his car, but I wasn´t aware of the rules and regulations with inheritance tax. So I decided to do a little bit of research and found that I would need some assistance with calculating my taxes. A friend recommended me the services of Carbray, who sorted everything for me. Cheers Carbray!”


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