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Industrial design

Why protect industrial designs?

At Carbray, we believe that industrial design adds value to the product, making the product more attractive and appealing to customers. This may even become the main reason for its purchase. Therefore, we feel that the protection of valuable designs should be a fundamental part of the business strategy for any designer or manufacturer.

Upon protecting an industrial design by registering it at an industrial property (IP) office, at a national or regional level, the owner obtains the exclusive rights to prevent unauthorized copying or imitation by third parties. This undoubtedly improves the competitiveness of a company and often brings in additional revenue in one or more of the forms below:

• By registering a design, one acquires the right to prevent reproduction or imitation of the design by competing companies, thereby strengthening the competitive position.
• Registering a valuable design contributes to a better return on any investment made in the making and/or marketing of the product, thereby improving profits.
• Industrial designs are business assets that can increase the commercial value of a company and its products. The more successful a design, the greater its value to the company.
• The registration of industrial designs encourages fair competition and honest trade practices, which in turn promotes the production of a wider range of similar products.


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