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Corporate Tax Planning

Tax planning requirements vary from company to company. It is likely that a long-established family business has different tax planning needs than those of a new company or a large local business expanding to an international level.

In all cases, our tax planning services are provided according to each company’s needs, always taking into account the company’s particular circumstances.

Company tax planning

Carbray’s lawyers offer information on topical issues of corporate tax planning that affect various sectors of business activity. Corporate tax is complex and the following must be taken into account:

• Agreements regarding the extraction of benefits
• The dynamic tax environment in the context of new legislation, the European Union and international court rulings
• New practices and procedures
• Income tax implications
• Appropriate financing mechanisms
• Appropriate business ownership structures

Carbray’s tax consultants and lawyers focus on:

• The development of viable tax solutions
• Customizing our services to meet the specific requirements of each company


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