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Corporate Restructuring (M&A)

The advice that Carbray provides on Mergers and Acquisitions is supported by the expertise of its professionals in the area of financial and strategic analysis and their experience with the technical and human aspects present in a transaction. The services provided by Carbray in this area are:

• Legal advice on the purchase of businesses.
• Process of mergers and divisions, restructuring of operations, strategic alliances.
• Negotiation and drafting of the necessary documents and agreements to carry out the sale of businesses. Such documents include letters of intent, term sheets and confidentiality agreements.
• Contracts for the sale of shares and/or assets.
• Contracts of sale.
• Representations and warranties of the sellers (R & W).
• Coordination of the legal due diligence process (setting the parameters, scope of due diligence, due diligence report and conclusions).


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