Special Taxation for relocated foreign employees (Expats)

General Regulation: It is directly regulated in Law 35/2006 of 28 November on Personal Income Tax. The general assumption to deem an individual Spanish resident are the following requirements (only one requirement needs to be met): a)Number of days: You will be deemed...

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Insolvency proceedings

If your company has a large amount of losses, it is likely that the only solution is to dissolve and liquidate it. If you elect this procedure, you will need to start insolvency proceedings. A company enters insolvency proceedings when it can not pay for debts, and...

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Claiming medical negligence

What is medical negligence? Doctors cannot guarantee that their patients will heal, but their obligation consists of pursuing all appropriate treatments to recover the health of patients and they should act in accordance with accepted medical standards at all times....

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7 key questions to claim alimony

There are currently fast legal mechanisms to claim alimony. These are 7 FAQs which will be extremely useful to you. How can I claim alimony? Once alimony has already been recognised in final decree, it is necessary to claim it with an attorney and a legal secretary....

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New law to end mortgage abuses

Last Friday, November 10, 2017, the Cabinet of the Spanish Ministry of Economy represented by Luis de Guindos, approved in the Council of Ministers draft amendments of the law on Mortgage Credits. This Law aims at modifying the mortgages situation. Major reforms of...

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5 reasons for hiring a family lawyer in Spain

Many partners, especially women, struggle to make the decision to divorce owing to uncertainties and fears. At Carbray International Law Firm, we will give you 5 good reasons why you should hire a family lawyer in Spain if you wish to file for divorce or claim custody...

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The price of housing rose by 4.3% in October

The price of finished housing (new and used) increased by 4.3% in October as compared to the same month last year, more than one percentage point with respect to the growth rate registered in the previous month. However, it accumulates a 38.4% decrease from their...

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Earnest money agreement. What you should know

When the owner of a property finds a person interested in buying it, and even if they both agree to carry out the sale of the property, there is a risk that before closing the transaction, one of the parties decides not to proceed. In order to avoid this problem, it...

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Are civil partners eligible for a survivor’s pension?

Marriages and civil partnerships are in fact different legal concepts. They are two different types of associations, and therefore, their rights and duties for legal purposes differ. One of the most commonuncertainties that civil partners usually experience revolves...

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