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Procedures necessary for setting up a limited company

The procedures for setting up a limited company in Spain are the following: Foreigner ID number (NIE)- as applicant you should apply for it at the Spanish Consulate in your country of residence or police station in Spain. Negative certificate of company name, a...

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Golden Visa, all you need to know about the investor visa

What type of visa or permitgrants the Golden Visa? Golden Visa allows for residence visa for at least one year and a two-year residence permit which may be renewed if The investment is held. At least one visit to Spain during the residence term has been paid. Who is...

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Dates and FAQ about 2016 tax returns

Changes in tax returns of 2016 Since the 5th April it is possible to submit your 2016 tax return online or using paper forms through the collaborating entities. This campaign brings some news. The main change is that the PADRE programme is replaced by the online...

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4 reasons to grant your last will and testament in Spain

1 Think of your spouse It strikes me that everyone thinks not granting last will and testament is irrelevant. All their assets will be transferred to their legal heirs! This is true. However, legal heirs are the children and if there are no children then the heirs...

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Starting a business in Spain as a foreigner

Starting a business in Spain can be tedious as it entails a number of formalities. On top of that, if you are a foreigner it can get even worse. What documents do I need to register as a self-employed or freelancer in Spain as a foreign citizen? REQUIREMENTS to start...

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Types of tax in Spain

The Spanish Tax System differentiates between direct and indirect taxes. Direct Taxes Direct taxation is a set of tax in Spain on the income of private individuals and on the profits of societies. They are applied to income and wealth. In the European Union, each...

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