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What is guardianship and who can be a guardian?

Definition and cases for guardianship It is the authority conferred to someone to take care of a person (the ward) and their property in the absence of their parents. The guardian has duties which are always exercised for the benefit of the ward. Who can be subject to...

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Right to alimony in Divorce Part 1

Alimony is a tool for the spouse most economically weakened as a result of separation or divorce, so that their economic status does not change radicallyfollowing the break-up.The purpose of alimony is to rebalance the economic situation of the spouses. It is...

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New companies fall by 5.3% in the second quarter of 2017

The total number of companies created in the second quarter of 2017 amounts to 25,178 as opposed to 26,591 which were created in the same period of 2016, representing a slight decrease of 5.3%. This decrease took place in April (- 18%) due to Easter holidays. In May,...

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Acceptin an inheritance – Risks, timeline and costs

Be cautious and seek quality professional advice before accepting an inheritance. There currently are many families who have no option but to disclaim an inheritance as a result of the financial crisis (mainly). It has also been reported that the acceptance of...

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Beware of the fine print of holiday lease agreements

Summer is here and according to the weather forecast it will be very hot. Everyone is looking forward to packing and going away to the seaside or to the mountain- a perfect plan as long as you are cautious with the holiday lease agreement. Holiday lease As holiday...

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Fin out how inheritance may affect your tax return

After the sorrow of losing a family member, the paperwork involved in the inheritance process becomes a new difficult moment for the heir. Among the most frequently asked questions, heirs often wonder how to declare inheritance in the tax return. How is inheritance...

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6 tips before executing a lease agreement

If you plan on leasing an apartment, you may have doubts in connection with the lease agreement. Both the landlord and the tenant seek a contract that protects their interests in the best possible way. Here are 6 tips you should bear in mind 1. Oral or written...

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Distribution of assets. How is it made?

Who decides the distribution of assets? The testator may, in life, set the division of the inheritance provided that it is according to law. They may appoint heirs and distribute assets between them. However, compulsory heirsmust be taken into account, that is, those...

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