When may shareholders of a S.A. or S.L. separate?

In many cases, relationships between shareholders are not easy. That is why it is advisable to execute a partnership agreement. If you did not sign one, there are a number of circumstances that allow to separate a company. On the one hand, separation stems from the...

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Lease agreement

A lease agreement -also defined as financial lease agreement- is acontract by and between a leasing company (the lessor) and alessee whereby the leasing company transfersthe use and enjoyment of aproperty to the lessee in exchange for a periodic consideration during a...

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What is the liquidation of the community property regime?

September is known as the month of divorces. Spending longer hours together during summer holidays does not seem to benefit some Spanish partners who start the school year inquiring about the liquidation of the matrimonial regime. According to a report of the...

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Requiremnts for company incorporation by a foreign partner

Obtaining a NIE (foreigner identification number) is mandatory for any foreign partner to execute a deed of incorporation in Spain. You may apply for it at the nearest Spanish consulate. The consulate will provide a NIE valid for three months for the company...

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Right to alimony in divorce Part 2

What do courts rule? Spanish courts, and above all the Supreme Court, deem that it is essential that the spouse most economically weakened proves that their financial situation has worsened in order to approve alimony. In the decision of the Supreme Court of 11 March...

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What is guardianship and who can be a guardian?

Definition and cases for guardianship It is the authority conferred to someone to take care of a person (the ward) and their property in the absence of their parents. The guardian has duties which are always exercised for the benefit of the ward. Who can be subject to...

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